Tynor Lumbo Back Rest Urbane, Grey, Universal Size, 1 Unit


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  • Anatomic design maintains natural lower back curve and side support holds the body.
  • Helps in releving anterior pressure on the vertebras.
  • Modern aesthetics,smart cover and plush cover makes it easy to use anywhere(Office,Home,Car,etc).
  • Memory foam provides shape retention and auto-conforms to body contour for a soft embrace.
  • High density memory foam provides high resilience, better cushioning and longer fucntional life.
  • Easy to use, washable, Comforatble, Durable and back strap to tie.
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Tynor Lumbo-Back Rest Urbane is a portable back support, which maintains the lumbar spine in its neutral position and cradles the back to provide a pleasant sitting experience. It can transform any normal chair, car seat to provide optimum support to the lumbar region. Ideal for long sitting users, in office or travel.


Product Tynor Lumbo-Back Rest Urbane
Country of Origin INDIA
Manufacturer TYNOR Orthotics Private Limited
Brand Name TYNOR
Return Policy 7 DAYS



Additional information
Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 4 cm
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