valentine week

Perfect Gifts to Make Each Day Perfect! – Valentine’s Week

A small guide to make your perfect plan for the most happening month of the year! 

February is a month of many specialities. It is known as the month of Lunar New Year, the month of purification and the month of food and romance. The much-awaited Valentine’s Week which ends on Valentine’s Day is filled with love, laughter and surprises. Needless to say, this is the best time to express emotions within oneself and with your near and dear ones. With February 2022 already here, it is high time to start planning ahead, so that we have everything in place when the right time comes. 

Valentine’s Week starts on 7th February, with Rose day. A bunch or bouquet of roses or even a small rose would do the magic for you. If coupled with a red or white dress and apparel, this will become more memorable. On 8th February is the Propose Day, tailored to express emotions. A well-planned proposal along with some favourite gifts can work wonders.

9th and 10th February are Chocolate Day and Teddy Day respectively. Chocolate Day is the perfect day to give sweetness to every sweet tooth out there. With tons of options of soft toys in the market, make sure you choose the right option for your dear ones on Teddy Day. 11th February is Promise Day, a day to make promises and keep them. Don’t worry if you haven’t kept promises in the past, this can be a great fresh start. Covering up with some gifts can be a great option. 12th February, Hug Day, is the time to share some nice cosy hugs all around. There is nothing that a warm hug can’t solve. 13th February marks Kiss Day, another form of sharing emotions. The last day of Valentine’s Week is the much-awaited Valentine’s Day, filled with happiness, love and warmth. Good food and a range of emotions mark this day. With prior planning, the day can be made memorable for life.

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