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Wowfas is a passion-driven, budding online shopping platform where we not just ensure that our clients get the right product but we also ensure that the process is hassle-free, delivering them the product they had been waiting for, since ages.

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    Wowfas not just deals in different brands but has the right bike for people of all age groups.
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    The bikes sold by Team Wowfas are engineered to perfection, ensuring utmost comfort.
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    We make sure that the biking experience of every customer is blissful by delivering a quality assured product.


There are smooth endurance road bikes with distinct features like speed controls, durable suspension, and reliable disc brakes suitable for a comfy ride in your neighborhood or even off-roading. The soft bar grips, feather-soft saddle, rigid side stand, chain cover, and many more are the added benefits that come with all this. Not to mention, every push-bike has multiple front and back reflectors that aid visibility and safety when night riding. The extensive array of bicycles includes:

  • Various BOSKY’s premium road bikes with a steel frame, comfy saddle, gears, disc brakes, and tough suspension.
  • Many GANG’s imperial mountaineering, multi-speed push-bikes with an alloy frame and disc brakes for much better control.
  • Several Stylish new push-bikes from HUGE with a sturdy frame, dual disc brakes, sturdy suspension, and better comfort.

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