Wowfas is a young e-commerce marketplace, but evolving super quick. We are integrating a high number of vendors onto our platform everyday so that our customers have great choices. We are also collaborating with other organisations so that customer experience is seamless. We have a dynamic team who are always ready to solve others problems in the organisation along with customers’ problems. Having fun while solving problems is on top of our to-do list!

We have a clear and precise understanding of what we expect from each and every person that joins us. We look to cater to not only our growth as an organisation, but also the individual’s personal growth. There will be clear cut details on what the evaluation will look like, based on the function and department (i.e. sales, e-commerce, graphics, web-development, technical support and many more).

Join us and help yourself grow, along with helping us! Kickstart the fun by contacting us on [email protected] or 7743005242.