About Us

Wowfas is a young e-commerce platform affiliated with WowE-retail. The company was founded in September 2020 and has an employee base of 100.

Our sole purpose is to make consumer electronics affordable for all. Wowfas – “Offer in the mind all the time”. It is a phenomenal online platform in electronics and home appliance products. Wowfas is envisaged to carve a niche among the leading brands. It was envisioned in Ludhiana, as it is a thriving trade and industrial center. Wowfas dawned from Wowe Retail, a manufacturing firm with brands like Peach Smile, Menchi, and Softbuzz. Wowe Retail didn’t settle for the manufacturer role and that’s when it accomplished becoming an aggregator. It was when entrepreneurs were looking for platforms beyond the local market and trying to achieve global recognition and conversion of their brand and its product.

We feel online platforms are often used only by a section of society, which we intend to change. This is not only on the customer front but on the seller front too. We look to integrate as many small-scale brands onto our platform. This ensures that their products get global exposure and at the same time enables customers to purchase from them. We have several categories of products, ranging from daily use electronics to fitness products to home appliance products. A few things we strive to achieve are the top quality of our products, quick dispatch and delivery of our products, safe and secure payment systems, and easy returns. All these are worked upon keeping only one thing in mind, customer satisfaction. We currently cater to 92% of India’s total 4,000 towns and cities, and will soon try to cater to the whole of India.